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Arena Pernambuco reaches 40% and promises 5,000 workers in the work

Residents of Pernambuco show optimism about participation of the stadium in the Confederations Cup

Arena Pernambuco will jump from the current 3,000 workers to 5,000 (credit: Odebrecht/Divulgation)
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From the editorial staff - São Paulo
Posted on 27/04/2012 17:19 h
updated on 14/05/2012 16:58 h

To circumvent the delays and ensure participation in the Confederations Cup in 2013, Arena Pernambuco should have the reinforcement of two thousand additional workers, reaching five thousand workers until November this year.

That was the main promise of the managers of the Pernambuco stadium, who announced the news last Friday (April 27) after a technical inspection of FIFA and the World Cup Local Organizing Committee (LOC). The visit is crucial for the definition of the arena among the host cities of the test event in 2013, as Salvador, which was inspected last Thursday. 

Like the arena of Bahia, however, only one report that FIFA delegation will send to Zurich will determine whether Pernambuco will be or not one of the host cities for the Confederations Cup. The entity's decision will be made only in June, but one of the coaches already sees the situation of the stadium with optimism.

"The decision is not ours, but from what we saw in the location, and due to the effort of the state, we believe that Pernambuco will receive the Confederations Cup," the executive director of LOC Ricardo Trade said. 

On the other hand, according to the secretary of the World Cup in Pernambuco Ricardo Leitão, the great fear of FIFA is not the stadium: "They are worried about some road access works, but we clarified that they are being made," he argued, adding that the urban mobility will not be a problem for the mega-events because the matches are going to happen in public holidays.

New index
In addition to the increase in the number of employees - only Maracanã will have more workers on the construction site - the Special Secretariat of the World Cup in Pernambuco (Secopa) updated the execution index of the work. The stadium, which was 35% finished, reached the mark of 40% in April and it is expected to reach half of the works completed by June, according to the secretary of the World Cup Ricardo Leitão.

"[The stadium] reached 40% in April, will reach 50% by the end of June and then will speed up to reach 100% in February 2013," he said.

According to a survey of Portal 2014, Arena Pernambuco was the second stadium that most developed in 2012, with progress of 13% only this year – just Mineirão progressed further, with 16%.

The work in São Lourenço da Mata, 19 km away from the center of Recife, started in 2010, and its delivery date is February 2013.

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