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Mato Grosso extends bid again and World Cup LRV should be delayed

Another deferment in opening of tenders may cause government to fail to deliver modal until event

Cuiabá's LRV may be delayed again (credit: Divulgation)
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From the editorial staff - São Paulo
Posted on 20/04/2012 10:34 h
updated on 07/05/2012 15:24 h

The main urban mobility work in Cuiabá being ready until the World Cup is an unlikely prospect.

Yesterday (April 19), the Secretariat of the World Cup in Mato Grosso (Secopa) postponed for the second time the opening of the envelopes containing the tenders from the companies interested in building the Cuiabá-Várzea Grande Light Rail Vehicle (LRV). The date was extended by 22 days: from April 23 to May 15.

According to Secopa, the session was rescheduled at the request of the interested consortia and construction companies, which consider the work too complex. One of the most expensive works for the World Cup, Cuiabá’s LRV is budgeted at R$ 1,2 billion.

The state government said that after signing the contract, scheduled for June, the LRV will have a period of 24 months to be concluded. The problem is that with the new delay there are increasing risks of the work not be completed in June 2014, the month when the World Cup begins.

This is the second time that Secopa changes the date of opening of tenders. Initially, the government had expected to hold the session on April 10.

The works will be bid through the Differentiated Regime for Contracts (RDC). The winner will be responsible for all work phases, from the preparation of the basic and executive projects to the supply of material and the execution.

Secopa relies on the RDC to expedite the processing from the signing of the contract and deliver the LRV in time for the World Cup.

Cuiabá’s Light Rail Vehicle will have 22.2 kilometers long and 33 stations. Out of the total budget, R$ 423 million will come from federal loan with funds from the Government Severance Indemnity Fund for Employees (FGTS). Caixa Econômica Federal will pass the money.

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