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Arena Corinthians will have solar energy, constructor reveals

São Paulo's World Cup stadium will generate electricity with photovoltaic panels

Coverage of Corinthians stadium will have solar panels (credit: CDC Arquitetos)
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From the editorial staff - São Paulo
Posted on 18/04/2012 17:18 h
updated on 07/05/2012 15:23 h

Part of the electricity for the operation of the Arena Corinthians, in São Paulo, will be generated from photovoltaic cells installed on the roof of the future World Cup stadium.

The information was revealed by the representatives of the construction company Odebrecht during a meeting held on this Wednesday (April 18) in Palácio dos Bandeirantes, seat of state government. In addition to the alternative source and the normal supply from the electric utility, the stadium will have three generators that can be used in an emergency.

Today's meeting was attended by representatives of federal, state and city governments to discuss the progress of works in the electricity sector for the 2014 World Cup. Each of the São Paulo’s power distribution utilities provided an overview of the ventures and their situation as for the stage of the works and environmental licenses.

For the state government, the Energy Secretary José Aníbal, the special adviser to the governor Geraldo Alckmin and São Paulo’s World Cup Committee coordinator Fábio Lepique, and the Environmental Licensing Manager at Cesteb Iracy Xavier attended the meeting.

The federal government was represented by the secretary of electricity of the Ministry of Mines and Energy Ildo Wilson Grudtner, and the city hall of São Paulo was represented by the special secretary of Coordination of the World Cup Gilmar Tadeu.

Out of the 12 states and municipalities that will host the World Cup matches, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has already conducted meetings with Rio de Janeiro, Distrito Federal, Porto Alegre, Recife, Salvador and now São Paulo.

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