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Beira-Rio should have 1.5 thousand workmen during the peak of the work

Porto Alegre stadium may exceed the number of employees of Castelão and Arena Corinthians

Works on Beira-Rio may have up to 1.5 thousand employees (credit: Divulgation)
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From the editorial staff - São Paulo
Posted on 26/03/2012 16:39 h
updated on 18/04/2012 10:48 h

In works for only one week, Beira-Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre, should have a number of employees greater than Castelão or Arena Corinthians. 

According to the property manager of Internacional, owner of Beira-Rio, Hélio Giaretta, "at the peak of the works, 1.5 thousand people will work at Beira-Rio".

The number surpasses the 1,000 workers at the arena of Ceará, the most advanced for the World Cup, which should have 1.2 thousand employees at the height of the works. And it is also higher than the current number of workmen of the Itaquera stadium in São Paulo, with 1.4 thousand men currently in the construction site.

However, Inter and the World Cup Secretariat in Porto Alegre, point out that the team of workers at Beira-Rio is still very small, because the internal demolition stage, which requires little manpower, has not been over yet. 

Next week, the earthworks and the demolition of the remaining dressing rooms of the stadium will begin. The start of works of the lower bleachers took place in the first phase of the reform in 2010, and it is the first sector of Beira-Rio that should be ready.

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