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Itaquerão & Mané Garrincha: the pricier arenas of the World Cup

Price per seat shows that Brazilian stadiums will cost nearly twice than 2006 and 2010 arenas

Stadium of Corinthians has a high cost per seat (credit: CDC Arquitetos)
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Felipe Castro - São Paulo
Posted on 14/03/2012 18:05 h
updated on 23/03/2012 15:39 h

Arena Corinthians, in Itaquera, city of São Paulo, will have the most expensive seat among all the twelve arenas of the 2014 World Cup, according to a survey of Portal 2014.

Opening stage of the World Cup, the stadium in São Paulo will cost R$ 820 million, or R$ 12.600 for each of its 65,000 seats.

The amount, however, can even rise, since the budget does not include the removable bleachers of Itaquerão.

The mobile chairs will increase the capacity from 48,000 to 65,000 seats, so that the arena receives the competition opening. Initially, however, the value of the Corinthians' stadium would not exceed R$ 400 million. The exit of Morumbi from the World Cup plan and the Itaquerão adequacies to the FIFA standards for the World Cup opening explain the high price.

In Brasília, the World Cup arena also presents high rate of cost per seat. The Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha will cost R$ 12.200 to each of its 71,000 seats, a figure which may also rise when costs for lawn, lighting and finishing are included.

The third most expensive stadium of the World Cup is Arena Amazônia in Manaus, which, despite having only 44,000 seats, was budgeted at R$ 532 million. The cost per seat, therefore, is R$ 12.000. Important detail: the arena will receive only four matches during all the World Cup.

Next, completing the five arenas with the greater investment by seat, is Fonte Nova, in Salvador (R$ 11.900), and Maracanã (R$ 11.600).

The survey also shows that the average cost per seat in the 2014 World Cup stadiums today is around R$ 9.900, a figure that alarms if compared with the same index in the stadiums of Germany in 2006 (R$ 5.400), and South Africa in 2010 (R$ 5.300).

To standardize the price of the stadiums, Portal 2014 has compiled the data provided by the World Cup departments and governments of the 12 host cities and sought to exclude from the costs of arenas the figures for the projects of the areas surrounding the stadiums and tax exemptions on construction equipment purchases guaranteed by the Recopa program, from the federal government.

At the other end of the list, Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba, emerges as the cheapest World Cup stadium, with an investment of only R$ 4.500 dollars per seat. However, the stadium of Paraná, as well as Rio Grande do Sul's Beira-Rio, already had part of the infrastructure ready before applying to the arena of the World Cup, which considerably reduces the cost per seat.

In the case of the Internacional's stadium, this value is around R$ 5.500, but the works in Porto Alegre have been suspended for seven months.

Another stadium undergoing a major reform to the World Cup is Castelão. As Beira-Rio and Arena da Baixada, the stadium of Ceará, which has the most advanced works for the World Cup, has a low cost per seat: R$ 7.900 for each of the 66,000 places.

See the list with the name of the stadiums, the cost used in the survey, the capacity and the value per seat:

1. Arena Corinthians: R$ 820 million – 65 thousand seats – R$ 12.6 thousand per seat

2. Nacional Mané Garrincha: R$ 863.2 million – 71 thousand seats – R$ 12.2 thousand per seat

3. Arena Amazônia: R$ 532.2 million – 44 thousand seats – R$ 12 thousand per seat

4. Arena Fonte Nova: R$ 597 million – 50 thousand seats – R$ 11.9 thousand per seat

5. Maracanã: R$ 883.5 million – 76 thousand seats – R$ 11.6 thousand per seat

6. Arena Pernambuco: R$ 500.2 million – 46 thousand seats – R$ 10.9 thousand per seat

7. Mineirão: R$ 695 million – 64 thousand seats – R$ 10.8 thousand per seat

8. Arena Pantanal: R$ 454.2 million – 43.6 thousand seats – R$ 10.4 thousand per seat

9. Arena das Dunas: R$ 417 million – 45 thousand seats – R$ 9.3 thousand per seat

10. Castelão: R$ 518.6 million – 66 thousand seats – R$ 7.9 thousand per seat

11. Beira-Rio: R$ 330 million – 60 thousand seats – R$ 5.5 thousand per seat

12. Arena da Baixada: R$ 187 million – 42 thousand seats – R$ 4.5 thousand per seat

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