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Demonstration in Cuiabá defends work on the Light Rail System

Demonstrators are against the position in favor of the implementation of BRT corridors

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From the Editorial Staff - São Paulo
Posted on 09/08/2011 18:15 h
updated on 14/09/2011 15:08 h

The central part of the city of Cuiabá was, this Tuesday morning (August 9), taken over by a demonstration bringing together shopkeepers, residents and students of the state school network, stating their views in favor of the implementation of a Light Rail system as the urban mobility project to be selected for the city.

As assessed by the local press, between 500 and 1,500 people took part in the demonstration which stopped traffic on Tenente Coronel Duarte Avenue, known as Prainha, which is where the transport modal shall be implemented. The local population would like the local government to include the Light Rail project in the Responsibility Matrix for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, with funds financed by the Federal Savings Bank (Caixa Econômica Federal).

The expectation is now that the state government can overturn the decision taken in Brasília which, through the Ministry of Cities, declared an opinion in favor of the construction of two Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridors, rather than the Light Rail System.

The institutions feel that the Light Rail System shall make the city more modern and also boost values of commercial points along the stretch where it shall be installed, which they sustain based on the experience of countries which use this type of transport.

Compulsory Purchases
According to the director of the Shopkeepers’ Chamber of Cuiabá (Câmara dos Dirigentes Lojistas de Cuiabá), João Bosco Linhares, the compulsory purchases caused by the BRT would be damaging to the developments which were constructed decades ago along the roads earmarked for the new system. “With the compulsory purchases, there shall be space available for informal commercial activities to install themselves along these roads. In other words, this project shall push the formal commercial activities away, opening space for informality. This is something we cannot defend”, the director protested.

The expectation is that the Government of the State of Mato Grosso shall today choose, once and for all, which transport modal system shall be installed in the city of Cuiabá for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™.

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