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Brazil sets plans to fight sex tourism in the 2014 World Cup

The Minister for Tourism, Luiz Barreto, publicizes the programme (credit: Divulgação)
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Posted on 01/10/2010 17:42 h
updated on 27/10/2010 17:30 h

Starting this month, the Federal Government shall be running another campaign against the sexual exploitation of children and teenagers during the 2014 World Cup, official sources have today announced.

The forecast of the Ministry for Tourism is that Brazil shall receive some 600 thousand foreign tourists during the World Cup, which is 10% of the tourists that visit Brazil every year. According to research conducted by the World Tourism Organization, Brazil is the 43rd most popular tourist destination.

According to the Executive Secretary of this Ministry, Mário Moysés, apart from improving the infrastructure to welcome the tourists, there is also a need to show “concern for the social factor” and make society aware of the need to prevent and tackle sexual violence.

Mr. Moysés has explained that the Ministry for Tourism has signed an agreement for collaboration with Italy and Germany, and that the next step shall be to promote “actions of co-operation with the European Union (EU)” to prevent the problem of sexual violence involving minors.

The aim of the programme called “A Goal for the Rights of Children and Teenagers” is that of developing regional action plans and also the qualification of 390 social agents who shall be trained to prevent and denounce any cases of abuse, as well as guiding professional people in the health and hotel segments, and also the police, to take a firm stand against sexual exploitation.

The Secretary has added that another part of this campaign shall be focused on teenagers living in deprived areas, close to the World Cup host cities, so that they do not turn to prostitution.

As the main method of tipping off any cases of sexual abuse against minors, the Government shall continue to offer a telephone number known as Dial 100 (Disque 100), which receives an average of 418 calls per day about possible violence against children, of which 80% of cases concern girls.

Also according to Mr. Moysés, Brazil is getting ready to welcome “not only male football tourism” but also the supporters’ families, and also plans to move away from the stereotype of being a country of “football, samba and carnival” to promote other lesser known aspects of the country, such as its “cultural, gastronomic and natural diversity”.

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